Compositional Ideas For A Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

Persuasion is one of the many artistic writing styles that students are introduced to. There are three main components that make up persuasion; ethos, which is appealing to the ethical or moral side of the audience, logos, which appeals to the logical side, and pathos, which appeals to the emotional side of the audience. An effective persuasive essay combines all of these in just the right combination to form the perfect persuasion. If one were tasked with writing a persuasive essay online on gun control, they would want to find a balance of appeals that convinces the audience that the side chosen by the writer is the correct opinion.

How can these appeals be incorporated into the paper?

  • Logos is one of the easiest appeals to incorporate but one of the trickiest to make appealing to the reader of the paper. Statistics of mass killings by gunfire or schools shootings in the United States versus other countries are good stats to include and provide good information.
  • When you include that information, however, it is imperative that you back up the information with true statements about the other countries as well and what constitutes a mass killing by gunfire.
  • Pathos would be a great tool to use in the introduction and conclusion of your persuasive essay. Build a fictitious setting that allows the audience to be transported into a situation that complies with your side of the issue, and then load your sentences with words that impart the emotions you are looking for.
  • Ethos is a tricky tool to utilize well. Though, in this case, the Constitutional argument is usually the effective ethos appeal for either side.

Composing the paper

When you go to compose your paper, you want to start out with something that gets your reader’s attention straight away. In this case, either a terribly startling statistic or a quick anecdote would be powerful tools, the latter being slightly more sophisticated. Then you want to bridge into your topic, and finally, you want to incorporate your position and your claim.

Your body paragraphs don’t necessarily need to be cited, factual information unless you include information researched and included. You just want to make the paper persuasive and convince your reader that you are on the right side and that they should join you in your thinking.

After summarizing the information in the essay, your paper’s conclusion needs to end with a bang. Just like when you are trying to persuade anyone else to do something with you or for you, the ending of your commentary needs to be the most effective part, not something just scrambled together. Take your time on your conclusion and end it with flair and style!

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