Basic Parts of a Medical Research Paper: Advice on the Structure

When you think of doctors, hospitals, nurses, and labs you can come up with a thousand ideas for a good solid essay. The sources will exist for support. The problem might be that the field is so very open and there is so much to wade through to get to what you want. When this happens, you need to be sure that you have a very tight structure. Use our advice for this to happen in your piece.

Advice on the Structure: Basic Parts of a Medical Research Paper

  1. Introduction-in a normal essay, the introduction is a hook, a thesis statement, and background materials. This piece will be quite different. You will have the hook, thesis statement, background information, the abstract, mythology, questions, and adaptations made on the way to proving your hypothesis. It is quite detailed and must have all of these ingredients. The abstract will be written after the project is complete in order to show the end results and conclusions. The abstract is a summary of the entire project. Visit our research paper writing service to get quality help.
  2. Main body-in your main body you will go about explaining what you did, how you did it, and then supporting your thoughts. That support can come from case studies, lab experiments, surveys, polls, experts, readings, or interviews. There are millions of ways to get the proper support for this piece.
  3. Conclusion –this is the last paragraph. It will have a summary, a universal statement, and a restatement of the original thesis that was first found in the introduction. It should be the shortest paragraph. It should not be a complete re-telling of all you did and proved. It needs to be short and simple.
  4. Reference page-this is the page that includes all of your sources. There are two standard styles. The works cited style only includes the things you actually used in the piece. The bibliography has everything you used and just looked at in the piece. Either can be annotated and that is the teacher’s decision. An annotation is a brief description of why and how you used the source. It is usually 3-4 sentences, and not any longer.

If you are able to keep to these things, you will find that piece is easier to write. You have to be very tight with this piece, and if you begin to wander off from these things, you may have a mess on your hands. Use this guide as you write.

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