27 Fresh Science Term Paper Topic Ideas You Should Explore

Writing a term paper is a common requirement for the upper-division course. Before writing, you need to first make sure that the topic you select is in fulfillment of the paper assignment. Second, you will need to pick a topic that is of interest to you. The more interest you have in a topic, the more ease you will have in devoting your energy and time to studying and writing it. Third, make sure that the topic you choose fits into the paper length that you want to write, your analytical tools, and the available research resources. If you’re looking for a freelance writing job visit Writing Jobz.

The Medawar Zone

You will need to consider the Medawar Zone, which is the mid ground between research and creativity. The Medawar Zone is all about posting a specific question moderately difficult in scope to explain, but having a reader’s appeal. Think of it as the perfect balance between success and difficulty; the more difficult and specific the question you pose, the more important the research will tend to be.

Here are a few science topic ideas that you can use:

  1. The unknown dangers of pesticides.
  2. Lead-based ceruse chemicals in makeup.
  3. The effectiveness of synthetic pheromones available in the market.
  4. Slowing down the aging process: the chemistry of aging.
  5. Why are certain people alcohol addicts despite knowing its dangers?
  6. How can one overcome depressionwithout using medication
  7. Do animals and plants have feelings and emotions
  8. Acute poisoning and viable potential treatments
  9. The build-up of SARS and how to prevent it
  10. Preventing or reducing the severity of stroke
  11. Discarded scientific ideas; can they be reviewed?
  12. Victims of self-delusion: scientists that saw what they wanted to see.
  13. Scientists and non-scientists opposition to novel scientific ideas
  14. Is abortion murder or homicide?
  15. Abortion: a grandparents right to choose
  16. Why people have fear and social anxiety of public speaking
  17. What common aspects do smokers have in their life history and backgrounds
  18. Animals diseases that spread between animals before affecting humans
  19. How the aging process affects mental health
  20. How vaccines protectfrom disease spread such as polio
  21. Are women more prone to developing thyroid disease than men?
  22. What diseases threaten animals and plants toward possible extinction?
  23. Is your health your wealth?
  24. Diet myths and misconceptions.
  25. Erasing personality features: the future of cloning
  26. The impact of nanotechnology on modern science
  27. Uranium isotopes: a premises for future scientific revolution

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